Don't let one disaster lead to another.

When events occur that require the filing of an insurance claim, the full responsibility of preparing the claim falls on the insured, not the insurance company. Without assistance, critical information will be missed and that will negatively impact the final settlement.

Over the years, we have assisted a variety of companies and individuals with their insurance claims. Our clients' claims are settled to their satisfaction - in terms that they would be unable to achieve on their own. Our compensation is driven by the final settlement of the claim - a settlement that we strive to ensure is the maximum amount to which the insured's entitled.

Our offices include locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and South Carolina with the professional credentials, licenses and network required to work on your behalf nationwide.

We are your advocate.

In our role as accredited public adjusters, we are property loss consultants who work only for you, the policyholder, never the insurance company.

At Clarke & Cohen, our mission is to aid our clients and their advisors throughout the entire claims adjustment process with the ultimate goal of achieving the fairest and most equitable insurance settlement in the least amount of time.

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