Shore and Mountain house preparation for Winter

It’s time to leave your vacation home!

What should you do for shore and mountain house preparation for the winter?

Your shore or mountain home has been a flurry of activity all summer, but now it’s time to close for the season and get it ready for the elements ahead. With the onset of hurricane season wind and rain, followed by the brutal winter freeze, there are many steps to take to get your summer home protected from the elements.

Here is what you need to do to prepare your shore or mountain home for the winter:

  • Check your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. HVAC maintenance involves changing filters and have your HVAC contractor check that all systems are a go.
  • Protect your pipes. See if there are any exposed pipes in need of insulation. Turn off your water supply to avoid any burst pipes or flooding from leaks. Open cabinet doors during very cold periods to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. Disconnect garden hoses and drain those, too.
  • Clean your Chimney. Remove any nests and check your flue damper to make sure it opens and closes properly. If you haven’t had your fireplace cleaned for a while, schedule a chimney sweep to come and clean it for you.
  • Gutters should be cleaned out from debris and leaves. Clogged gutters can contribute to ice damming and cause basement flooding when snow melts. Clear out your gutters to avoid any unforeseen problems.
  • Have a Roofing contractor safely inspect your roof for any missing shingles or leaks.
  • Check the Weather Stripping on all doors and windows and replace the sealing, caulk or stripping where you see it dried, cracked or peeling.
  • Protect your Outdoor Living Space by bringing in or covering your furniture, drain any water features or fountains and clean up and cover the barbecue grill.

Once all of your systems are cleaned up and winterized, you can rest easy at home knowing your investment property at the shore or mountains is safe.

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