Claims Process

If you have significant damages to your residential or commercial property, Clarke & Cohen will help you get the insurance payment you deserve.

Using a proven claims process, developed over 100 years, Clarke & Cohen will add value by evaluating your unique situation to secure the maximum recovery from your insurance provider, as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

As public insurance adjusters and property loss consultants, Clarke & Cohen’s role is to help you recoup every possible dollar from your policy.

Engagement Overview

  • We meet with you to understand your unique concerns and needs
  • Perform an extensive review your insurance policy and coverage
  • Evaluate and identify covered damages
  • Assess the damage with a holistic perspective
  • Assemble data to support the claim
  • File your claim

Some of the things we will do for you include:

Adjustment Meeting

The insurance company will send an adjuster to your property to review your damage. Their job is to make your payment as small as possible. We write your claim with your goal in mind, to make it as large as possible. We will attend the meeting with your insurance company and will be there during the walk-through.

Determination of the Actual Loss

We build you a team. A professional building estimator will prepare an estimate for you in Xactimate, the same program used by the insurance companies. During this part of the process, we catalogue building materials, even nails, drywall, insulation and more.

Then our Content Specialists will create an organized and comprehensive record of each room of your house. We catalogue hard goods and soft goods, and then determine what can be cleaned and what must be replaced.

We pay attention to the details your property includes – decorative finishes, furnishings, fretwork, masonry, landscaping, paint grades and more, and make sure your investments are expressed in your claim documentation.

Then, we compare our estimate to the insurance company’s estimate -and find that our number is usually at least two times the value of what the insurance company has calculated.

Mitigate Your Stress

The average claim takes three to eight months to settle. During this time we manage your questions and communicate with your insurance company, so you do not have to.

We work on a contingency fee, and you will not have any out-of-pocket fees to hire us. You do not owe us anything until your claim is settled by the policy.
Our interests are aligned, and we benefit as you benefit.

Quarterbacking Your Team

We will coordinate with your attorneys, your bankers, your wealth managers, engineers and anyone else who helps you in an advisory capacity to manage complications caused by your loss. We will call in expert witnesses as needed, and have served as expert witnesses for countless claims processed over the years.

Beyond Public Adjusters/Concierge Service

Property loss is disastrous. We provide concierge-level management of the disaster. We will assist you with finding appealing short-term rentals for living/working spaces (covered by the insurance company) and living expenses (incurred as a result of the loss).

Recreating and Restoring Your Property To Your Specifications

Clarke & Cohen will secure a team of responsible and conscientious vendors to repair your property damage. The team will fully understand the extent of your loss. #whatsyournextmove

Business Interruption

Our team of forensic accountants will project the income you would have received without the loss. We will present all relevant documentation to support and substantiate your Business Income claim.

Call for Same-Day Insurance Claims Service

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We are here for you with claims service support 24/7. Property damage can be devastating. With 100 years of experience, Clarke & Cohen has developed a proven process to expedite our clients’ insurance claims and get the maximum policy payment possible.