Recovering from your loss after a fire in 2020

Recovering from your loss after a fire

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate task of dealing with a building or household fire and your insurance company, you know what a fight it becomes to get fully compensated for your loss.

What most people may not know is that there’s an ideal option to help you navigate the difficult process of recovering from your insurance carrier after a fire causes damage to your property in 2020.

Property Loss Consultants

At Clarke and Cohen, we are Property Loss Consultants/Public Adjusters who assist property owners when your home or business is damaged by a fire and you need to make an insurance claim.

The services we provide include:

  • A detailed review of your insurance policy, identifying your coverages, including discussing any and all endorsements in the policy that may affect your recovery.
  • Assist in locating a remediation company to clean up the damage and protect the property from further damage. That protection is the responsibility of the insured.
  • As required, review all financial documents for any loss of income or business income claims.
  • Secure advanced payments after an initial meeting with your insurance company. This speeds up the payment process and enables you to start clean up and repair work without spending out of pocket.
  • Recommend the appropriate experts needed for proper presentation of your claim.
  • Provide contactors and estimators to prepare all dwelling/building claims and estimates for remediation and/or repair.
  • Identify personal property experts to itemize your personal belongings and business personal property in order to present a comprehensive content list and personal property claim.
  • Guide you through the process of preparing Loss of Use and Additional Living Expense claims.
  • Meet with you, once all claim preparation is completed, to review the claim documents before submitting all of the paperwork, content lists, building and dwelling claims and financial losses to the insurance company.
  • Consistently keep you aware of what is going on in the process of the claim.
  • Review with you any/all settlement offers on the claims presented so you can make an informed decision on settlement.
  • If a lender is named on the policy, we assist you through the process of dealing with your mortgage company which can be taxing and complex.

What’s your next move?

Contact us at (610) 668-0144 to talk to us about a claim when you are recovering from your loss after a fire.