Process to Expedite Insurance Claims

Rely on Our Best Strategy for Maximum Recovery

Clarke & Cohen, Public Adjusters in Philadelphia,  uses a proven claims process.  This will help expedite our clients’ insurance claims and get the maximum policy payment possible.

The Process to Expedite Insurance Claims includes:

  • Contacting the insurance company adjuster and other experts hired by the insurance company. Set up meetings to discuss procedures, advances, loss reserves and policy interpretations.
  • Review and analysis of your insurance policy from the perspective of maximizing dollars recovered.
  • On-site assessment of building damage and preparation of a detailed unit cost reconstruction estimate, which is necessary in order to maximize the building recovery. Whenever possible, we conduct a joint walk-through with the estimator assigned to the project by the insurance carrier.  This helps to identify our areas of agreement and disagreement.
  • Collection and review of all relevant documents relating to furniture, fixtures, equipment and machinery.

    We also do the following as part of our process:

  • Preparation of a complete inventory of all such contents.
  • Application of proper values to all such property, including applicable replacement cost and/or actual cash value, together with the amount of loss and damage claimed for each item.
  • Preparation of required appraisals to comply with any coinsurance provisions of the policy.
  • Preparation of documentation to project and substantiate business interruption losses, extra expenses, or other similar items.
  • Requests for advances necessary to defray ongoing expenses and debt.
  • Review of the claim with the insured and/or their advisors prior to providing such materials to the insurance company.
  • Presentation of all claim documentation to the insurance company.
  • Attendance at meetings with insurance company representative(s) to ensure a controlled, consistent, and professional atmosphere for all parties.
  • Periodic status reports to the insured and their advisors.
  • With the insured’s consent and approval, preparation of claim settlement documents and follow-up on processing of payments.
  • Assistance to the insured’s advisors in providing documentation and testimony, as well as serving as an expert witness, if necessary.
  • Preparation of the claim in a proper format to ensure recovery in any possible future litigation involving uninsured claims.

Contact us with any questions or if you would like a consultation with us regarding an insurance claim for property damage.