Smoke damage to your home or business

Have you experienced smoke damage at your home or business?

Smoke from adjacent fires or a fire in your property can be devastating.  

What was once a pristine environment is now ruined.  It’s overwhelming to deal with the fallout from commercial or residential property smoke damage.

There’s soot and ash cleanup to deal with. Soot and ash can be very hazardous to your health. Additionally, it can go everywhere and ruin more than you realize. Soot leaves an oily residue and sometimes restoration of your property is impossible because of it. There’s a lot of paperwork, phone calls and details to cover with your insurance claim. This can be time consuming and complex.
Then there’s the question of what does your insurance policy cover?

That’s where we come in.

Call Clarke & Cohen.  We specialize in insurance property claims from fire and smoke damage.  Your business or homeowners insurance can get complicated.
Is it a partial or total loss?
What’s the ‘hidden’ damage from this event?
Is there water damage or chemical damage from the fire retardants that helped put out the fire?
And, How do you calculate ‘replacement costs’ of your losses?

Above all, our expert adjusters will help you handle the claim process from start to finish so your loss will be settled appropriately. Including:

*Assistance in determining the most professional solution for remediation and cleaning.
*Bringing in industry-specific professionals to evaluate the damage.
*Taking inventory of your lost property and belongings.
*Handling the negotiation & settlement process with your insurance company, resulting in a suitable claim payment.
Our main goal is to alleviate your stress during what is a very anxiety-ridden process.

Clarke & Cohen’s professional loss consultants are here to guide you and do the work for you when you experience smoke damage to your home or business.  We want you to focus on getting back to business or your family life.

We are a fourth-generation family-owned property loss consultant business, managing complex claims in the Philadelphia region and throughout the country.