Beach Yoga Donation Class

In honor of their 100th Anniversary Acts of Kindness Campaign,
Clarke & Cohen is hosting a

Beach Yoga Donation Class
Saturday, September 4 at 9:00 a.m.

Liza Cohen will lead a 50-minute all levels yoga flow on Douglas Ave. beach in Margate, NJ.

There is no fee for the class but participants are being asked to please make a contribution to the Glioblastoma Foundation at,

Clarke & Cohen will match all donations made through the donation class.
To donate by Venmo, please send to @lizacohenn #whatsyournextmove #dogood #doingwellbydoinggood 

Learn more about instructor Liza Cohen: @lizajayne__ @emeraldsunyoga on Instagram

For more information about Clarke & Cohen
please visit, or @clarkeandcohen on Instagram, and @Clarke & Cohen on Facebook and LinkedIn

Please bring a towel or mat and water.

Family Business Podcast with Rich Cohen

Listen to this podcast with Rich Cohen, talking all about our family business.

“Pennsylvania-based public insurance adjusters firm Clarke & Cohen is a 100-year family business that has already reached the fourth generation. 

In this episode, John and Michael Parise sit down with public adjuster and the firm’s CEO, Richard Cohen, SPPA. Today, Richard reviews his family and the business journey that’s closely related to the building and continuous success of Clarke & Cohen.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role of the four generations in positively contributing to Clarke & Cohen’s growth 
  • Helping people out: Richard’s motivation to get into the family business 
  • The “prerequisites” to get into the public insurance adjusting business 
  • How Richard and his family separate family and business conversations  
  • Networking and having an open mind: Traits that have contributed to Richard’s success at the firm 
  • And more!

Listen in to learn about the family, business, logistic components that have helped Clarke & Cohen successfully grow!”

Resources: Copper Beech Financial Group | (856) 988-8300 | Clarke & Cohen | Richard Cohen


Bloom Philly! Prize Sponsor and Judge

Clarke & Cohen participated in the Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS) Flower Show preview event, Bloom Philly!, as a prize sponsor and judge.

PHILADELPHIA (June 2, 2021) —

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) announced the winners for its annual Bloom Philly! Contest, its regional competition that invites businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area to join the excitement of the upcoming PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. More than 60 businesses throughout the city and suburbs created festive, flower-filled displays and menu items inspired by the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show theme, “Habitat: Nature’s Masterpiece.”
The Bloom Philly! contest ran April 26 through May 28 and served two purposes — to raise awareness for the Philadelphia Flower Show and to spread joy and cheer throughout the region with beautiful, floral-inspired décor and menu items that pay homage to the Flower Show’s legacy. “This year more than ever, businesses have helped spread the excitement, joy, and wonder of the Philadelphia Flower Show,” said Sam Lemheney, Chief of Shows and Events for PHS. “We are so inspired by the creativity and bold style that our businesses imagined for the contest and the enthusiasm for our new categories. Bloom Philly! has engaged businesses who want to show their love for this year’s Show. We thank them for their creativity and support of the Flower Show.”

The Flower Show

2021 offers a new venue for the Philadelphia Flower Show — for the first time in its almost 200-year history, the Show will take place outdoors. Traditionally held in March to mark the start of the Spring planting season, this year’s Show will be held Saturday, June 5 – Sunday, June 13 at FDR Park in South Philadelphia. Tickets are on sale at
This year Bloom Philly! expanded its contest categories with new categories and welcomed participation from food and beverage businesses to enter fun and tasty Flower Show-inspired menu items and streetery décor. Collaborations with professional florists and event designers competed in their own unique category.


For the first time in the history of the contest, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is rewarding winners in key categories with cash prizes of $500, thanks to the generosity of our sponsor Clarke & Cohen. Established in 1921, Clarke & Cohen is a fourth generation, family-owned Philadelphia public insurance adjuster and property loss consultant. The company has decades of experience successfully managing complex claims in the Philadelphia region, South Jersey (including the Jersey shore), and throughout the country. Clarke & Cohen supports clients with 24/7 emergency service, immediate response and a consultative approach that aims to settle claims to the utmost value for both residential and commercial claims. The team has extensive experience with all types of property loss and is thoughtful and sensitive, efficient and tenacious. More than just technical expertise, clients find a supportive team that manages stress, grief and anxieties, while working tirelessly to recover the property that has been lost. This strategy helps the claims process work favorably for the property owner. The original location of the company still stands in Old City, located at Chestnut and Bank Streets.
Media Contacts:
Corie Moskow, 215.518.5526/
Sin Gogolak, 917.626.0525/

Philadelphia Public Adjuster Doing Good

Clarke & Cohen is a 100 year old, fourth generation public adjusting company helping people manage their insurance claim when they have a property loss due to fires, floods, bad weather or other disasters.

We are honoring our centennial with acts of kindness in a yearlong philanthropic campaign called #DoingWellbyDoingGood.

Philadelphia Public Adjuster Doing Good

For our 100th Anniversary, in the midst of a pandemic and social justice crisis, Clarke & Cohen celebrates the spirit of hope that guides people in trying times. The company is investing in acts of hope that bring health, happiness and joy to fellow Philadelphians.

Beginning in February with deliveries of hearty lunches to firehouses in the communities that we serve, our team travels on the first Friday of every month to deliver to firehouses throughout the city and suburbs.

On #NationalRandomActsofKindnessDay in February, we partnered with Mighty Writers to level up our efforts. We set up an Acts of Kindness POD in our parking lot on Belmont Avenue in Bala Cynwyd—conveniently located just off City Avenue and the Expressway.

We partnered with our local schools from Lower Merion School District to spread the word and are collecting kids books, feminine products and baby formula—three items specifically needed by the families in the Mighty Writers community.

The public may bring donated items our office, located at 510 Belmont Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. Items may be left in the storage pod at the front of the property, Monday Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Mighty Writers is in need of:

  • New or gently used books for children, ages 0-10
  • Baby formula and baby wipes
  • Feminine products (pads, tampons)
  • Monetary donations, via

Clarke & Cohen is choosing to support entrepreneurial and inventive causes and institutions that serve the public as well as local firehouses throughout the region. The company has always been philanthropic, but aims to support more people than ever, as part of their “Doing Well by Doing Good” initiative.  We are a Philadelphia Public Adjuster Doing Good by performing Acts of Kindness.

“We meet our clients in times of extreme distress. Their property is ruined by a fire, flood or extreme weather. Their plans are upended, their investments have been ruined and they feel hopeless. Our company has been operating this way for 100 years,” said Rich Cohen, CEO, Clarke & Cohen.

  “Through four generations and 100 years, it became obvious, that the thing we like most about our work is that we have the privilege of bringing hope to people when they need it most.”

Click here for the 6abc Action News Video (3-minute mark) about our campaign.

Disasters Happen. What’s your next move?


Disasters Happen.  What’s your next move?

Author Allan Rufus said “Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move. Knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way.”

That is why at Clarke & Cohen, we use the hashtag #whatsyournextmove.

When disaster strikes and your business or home is severely damaged, there are a variety of steps to take for clean up, remediation, and when dealing with your insurance company.

However, if you make the wrong move at the wrong time, just like in the game of chess, your insurance claim could go astray.  Or you could wind up with a minimal settlement. #whatsyournextmove

Submitting an insurance claim for your business or home involves strategy.
The words you use when reporting your claim, the timing of your actions after damage occurs, and everything which occurs before, during and after your loss can affect the outcome.

Hiring a professional loss consultant who knows how to make the right moves at the right time is critical when you need to recoup your losses, whether in thousands, or millions of dollars.

Chess is a strategic game with hundreds of possibilities each player can make, all with their own set of pros and cons.

When you are in the unfortunate situation of dealing with severe property damage from a fire, storm, or other emergency, dealing with your insurance company can put you at a deep disadvantage due to your inexperience filing a claim. #whatsyournextmove

That’s where Clarke & Cohen comes in.

We use the right logic, tactics, and foresight as your public adjuster.  This is so  that your insurance company gives you the maximum settlement possible based upon your coverage.

If disaster or property damage occurs, what will be your next move? #whatsyournextmove

Contact Clarke & Cohen.

How to Find the Right Public Adjuster

How to find the right Public Adjuster

When severe damage occurs in your home or business property, it can become a full-time job. Paperwork, forms, calculating your loss, understanding insurance rules and language, and negotiating a settlement can be an overwhelming. When you hire a public adjuster, or property loss consultant, they will help you navigate the process of getting your claim settled.

It is important to recognize that there is a difference in the types of adjusters.

Your Insurance company will send out their adjuster to evaluate the claim and damage assessment.  This individual works on behalf of the insurance company. They may be a staff adjuster or an independent adjuster, but in either case, they are there to evaluate your claim from the perspective of the Insurance company.

You may also hire a Public Adjuster who works for you as an advocate, assists you with handling every aspect of your property loss, and brings in the proper experts to calculate your property damages. They will also guide you through the process of hiring experts to help you clean & mitigate the damages, and ultimately get you an insurance settlement that is appropriate.

How do you go about finding a public adjuster who works on your behalf?

The best way to find a Public Adjuster who is professional and experienced is to find a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), licensed in your state of residence ( You can also check with the Better Business Bureau and contact references to verify your Public Adjuster knows what they are doing and has your best interests in mind.

Clarke and Cohen is the top choice of Public Adjusters for homeowners and businesses in and around Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore.  When you are hiring a Public Adjuster, ask them how they have helped others in the same situation as you.  Clarke & Cohen has experience with a wide variety of losses.

Hiring a Public Adjuster will help ensure you are treated fairly by the Insurance company. A licensed experienced Public Adjuster will negotiate disputes with your insurance company and assist you with making sure you receive all of the benefits available in the insurance policy. Insurance policy language may be confusing, therefore, an experienced Public Adjuster can help you understand your rights and responsibilities. An experienced Public Adjuster can also be an important asset for more complicated and severe property claims.

You should know that insurance policies often include time limits and other time sensitive language. A Public Adjuster knows how to get your claim processed and settled within that the appropriate timeline.

Public Adjusters are familiar with how insurance claims work and they know the tricks of the trade when dealing with Insurance companies.  That’s why they typically work on contingency, so that you pay them when your claim reaches a final settlement.

About Clarke & Cohen:

Philadelphia public insurance adjusters and property loss consultants

Established in 1921, Clarke & Cohen is a fourth generation, family-owned Philadelphia public insurance adjuster.  We are public adjusters and property loss consultants with decades of experience successfully managing complex claims in the Philadelphia region, South Jersey including the Jersey shore, and throughout the country.

We provide 24/7 emergency service, immediate response and a consultative approach that aims to settle claims to the utmost value for our clients.

Clarke & Cohen specializes in both residential and commercial claims and is adept at managing the most complicated scenarios.

Our team has extensive experience with all types of property loss and are thoughtful and sensitive, efficient and tenacious. We help our clients manage stress, grief and anxieties as we work tirelessly to recover the property that you have lost.  Our job at Clarke & Cohen is to manage the claim for the client, sort through the complicating factors of each unique loss, and bring a sense of order and calm to the chaos of property damage. This strategy helps the claims process work favorably for the property owner.

Stucco & Water Intrusion Insurance Claims

Stucco.  Water Intrusion.  Remediation. 

The buzzword of the late 1990’s, early 2000’s building boom was Stucco.  Everyone wanted a 4 bedroom, 2+ bath stucco home.  The style was more contemporary and the trend continued on.

However, what we’ve found out about over the years is that stucco buildings have issues. Stucco failure occurs because it is improperly installed, not sealed properly, is poorly made, or there is no drainage. This could cause water intrusion, and worse, mold.

Call a Public Adjuster for Water Intrusion Claims

That’s where a public insurance adjuster comes in.  For Stucco & Water Intrusion Insurance Claims, Clarke & Cohen gets involved as soon as possible.  This way we can manage the claim from the very early stages.

The first thing we see in a stucco claim is some kind of water intrusion in the home. This can happen anywhere in the home, but it is mostly seen around windows, doors, or other openings. Once homeowners see this water intrusion, they will typically call a stucco remediation company and get a stucco report to see where exactly the stucco is failing.

If the stucco is failing because of wear and tear, or it’s failing due to faulty installation, the stucco itself is not going to be covered by insurance.

Damage from Water Intrusion

However, any damage to the interior of the home, insulation, drywall, wall coverings, flooring, cabinetry, etc., due to water intrusion…will be covered as ensuing water damage. Claims filed with the insurance company are with the understanding that the exterior of the home is not going to be paid for, but the interior damage should be covered.

Clarke & Cohen uses a professional building consultant to meet with the insurance company’s consultant. Our consultant estimates the amount of interior damage. Stucco claims are very difficult as they depend on which insurance company a homeowner uses;  some companies are easier than others to go through the process.

Ultimately,  if our public adjusters are involved from the very beginning of the process AND there is visible interior damage on the inside of the home, we are typically successful in recovering money from the insurance company.

Each scenario is unique depending on the damage associated with a stucco claim and the coverage of the insurance policy.

Contact Clarke & Cohen today at with your stucco or water intrusion claim questions.

Process to Expedite Insurance Claims

Rely on Our Best Strategy for Maximum Recovery

Clarke & Cohen, Public Adjusters in Philadelphia,  uses a proven claims process.  This will help expedite our clients’ insurance claims and get the maximum policy payment possible.

The Process to Expedite Insurance Claims includes:

  • Contacting the insurance company adjuster and other experts hired by the insurance company. Set up meetings to discuss procedures, advances, loss reserves and policy interpretations.
  • Review and analysis of your insurance policy from the perspective of maximizing dollars recovered.
  • On-site assessment of building damage and preparation of a detailed unit cost reconstruction estimate, which is necessary in order to maximize the building recovery. Whenever possible, we conduct a joint walk-through with the estimator assigned to the project by the insurance carrier.  This helps to identify our areas of agreement and disagreement.
  • Collection and review of all relevant documents relating to furniture, fixtures, equipment and machinery.

    We also do the following as part of our process:

  • Preparation of a complete inventory of all such contents.
  • Application of proper values to all such property, including applicable replacement cost and/or actual cash value, together with the amount of loss and damage claimed for each item.
  • Preparation of required appraisals to comply with any coinsurance provisions of the policy.
  • Preparation of documentation to project and substantiate business interruption losses, extra expenses, or other similar items.
  • Requests for advances necessary to defray ongoing expenses and debt.
  • Review of the claim with the insured and/or their advisors prior to providing such materials to the insurance company.
  • Presentation of all claim documentation to the insurance company.
  • Attendance at meetings with insurance company representative(s) to ensure a controlled, consistent, and professional atmosphere for all parties.
  • Periodic status reports to the insured and their advisors.
  • With the insured’s consent and approval, preparation of claim settlement documents and follow-up on processing of payments.
  • Assistance to the insured’s advisors in providing documentation and testimony, as well as serving as an expert witness, if necessary.
  • Preparation of the claim in a proper format to ensure recovery in any possible future litigation involving uninsured claims.

Contact us with any questions or if you would like a consultation with us regarding an insurance claim for property damage.

Smoke damage to your home or business

Have you experienced smoke damage at your home or business?

Smoke from adjacent fires or a fire in your property can be devastating.  

What was once a pristine environment is now ruined.  It’s overwhelming to deal with the fallout from commercial or residential property smoke damage.

There’s soot and ash cleanup to deal with. Soot and ash can be very hazardous to your health. Additionally, it can go everywhere and ruin more than you realize. Soot leaves an oily residue and sometimes restoration of your property is impossible because of it. There’s a lot of paperwork, phone calls and details to cover with your insurance claim. This can be time consuming and complex.
Then there’s the question of what does your insurance policy cover?

That’s where we come in.

Call Clarke & Cohen.  We specialize in insurance property claims from fire and smoke damage.  Your business or homeowners insurance can get complicated.
Is it a partial or total loss?
What’s the ‘hidden’ damage from this event?
Is there water damage or chemical damage from the fire retardants that helped put out the fire?
And, How do you calculate ‘replacement costs’ of your losses?

Above all, our expert adjusters will help you handle the claim process from start to finish so your loss will be settled appropriately. Including:

*Assistance in determining the most professional solution for remediation and cleaning.
*Bringing in industry-specific professionals to evaluate the damage.
*Taking inventory of your lost property and belongings.
*Handling the negotiation & settlement process with your insurance company, resulting in a suitable claim payment.
Our main goal is to alleviate your stress during what is a very anxiety-ridden process.

Clarke & Cohen’s professional loss consultants are here to guide you and do the work for you when you experience smoke damage to your home or business.  We want you to focus on getting back to business or your family life.

We are a fourth-generation family-owned property loss consultant business, managing complex claims in the Philadelphia region and throughout the country.